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Agricultural Lime

Dolomitic Agri-Lime

Orgaanic Aglime

  • 100% Natural

  • Chemical free

  • Soil enhancer

  • Enhances plant nutrition uptake

  • Reduce acidity through increase pH levels

  • Source of Calcium and Magnesium

  • Improves drainage in heavy clay soils

  • Dolomitic

  • Helps combats club root disease in cabbage and Brassicas

  • Easy to use

  • Use in all types of soils

190g/Kg Calcium (Ca)
110g/Kg Magnesium
(Mg) CCE Acid 96%
CCE Resin 55% Hars
Fertiliser group 2 Reg.
no. B2472 Act 36/1947

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